Provenance IS Sexy! Art and antiquities crime covers many categories of dubious behavior from theft to fraudulent marketing. While advances in science and stylistic studies have led to improved recognition of fraudulent works of art and international memorandums have limited the ability to traffic antiquities internationally, persistence and subsistence needs have resulted in continued criminal behavior in the art world.

In a context where policing remains relatively internal and reputation takes precedence over justice, the authenticity (and existence) of documentation pertaining to ownership is invaluable. For any collector, whether an avid art lover or financially-motivated participant, a well-documented and exhaustive ownership history (provenance) is absolutely essential, and yes…SEXY! I aim to provide readers interested in provenance research (and its limits) with an academic resource for navigating its relevance to art crime and antiquities trafficking events and investigations.

Interests include but are not limited to:

WWII-era antiquities trafficking

International antiquities trafficking

Cultural heritage protection

Politically-motivated art crime